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[2015.12.5] BMForum Myna 7.0
[2007.6.15] More personality! BMForum 5.6
[2006.10.1] Create the Forum! BMForum 5.5
[2006.8.6] New Experience - BMForum 5.5 RC1
[2006.5.28] BMForum 4.1 Stable!
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[2015.12.5] BMForum Myna 7.0
[2007.6.15] BMForum 5.6
[2006.10.1] BMForum 5.5
[2006.8.6] BMForum 5.5 RC1
[2006.5.28] BMForum 4.1 Stable!
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BMForum, the most edge-cutting and user-friendly forum.

  • Forget traditional categorization, just tag it!
    Attaching tags to posts, a much easier way to organize myriads of threads.
  • Feel the avant-garde Ajax tech in posting and browsing!
    Paging and replying instantly, a faster-than-ever way to use a forum.
  • Let register only those who are invited!
    Invitation, a popular way to promote your favorite forum and share your joy!
  • Build your forum on the basis of XHTML 1.0 and CSS standards!
    Compliance to W3C standards, a worldly recognized advantage for best compatibility.
  • Write your posts in rich text format, no HTML knowledge needed!
    WYSIWYG editor, a handy and safe way to post in kaleidoscopic effects.
  • Management goes easy!
    Finding an item in the specially designed "I want" menu, a far more speedy way to reach an admin section.
  • Boom your forum's carrying capacity!
    Highly efficient algorithms bringing unbelievable performances to your forum!
  • Upload a batch of files in attachment and place them where you want!
    BMForum, a forum giving you the maximum convenience to express.
  • Make your words internationally readable!
    Storage of data in UTF-8 Charest, a wise choice to remove the technical bar of communication.
  • Change every detailed permission for every individual user!
    Powerful and advanced user group system, an powerful way to realize the full control of your forum!
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