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Bluview News: PHP Forum Provider - Bluview has already released BMForum 2006 Stable on 3/24.

Changes Log (from BMForum 4.0 RC1):

+ New Free-Forums Mode -- Tags
+ AJAX Technology powered
+ Accroding to XHTML1.0 + CSS Standard Rewrite program
+ Inviation Code required to Register (like GMail)
+ Hot Tags in Homepage
+ Similar Threads based on Tags Technology
+ Enhanced Recycle Bin
+ Use Apache、Zeus Rewrite to pretend to be HTML page
+ Return the last page what saw.
+ Menu Offset
+ Clone Usergroup
+ Row Ads in each forums

# Enhanced Firefox Line problem

* Fixed XHTML codes
* Fixed default style offset
* Fixed buy button problem
* Fixed count threads with Don't add to members' post amount
* Fixed RSS Timezone problems
* Fixed Post verify problem
* Fixed New forums display order bug.
* Fixed Forums Management ID error
* Fixed Move in batch statistics problem
* Fixed Moderator Management Restatistics inavailable.
* Fixed Usergroup Management problem
* Fixed other errors

At the same time, we will release International Edition, including English, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, etc.
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