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   Bluview News: The powerful forum system - BMForum had been released on May 1st. New version of the BMForum added many new features and fixes many buges.

New Features

  • Watermark for images (2006-4-30)
  • Keyword Frequency Filters (2006-4-13)
  • Setup will detect the charset of MySQL (2006-4-13)
  • "The Thread which I replied" By Arbir (2006-4-13)
  • Backup Private Messages, Invitation, Tags (2006-4-8)
  • Hide forums according by Forum's Usergroup (2006-4-2)
  • Lower topic position (2006-4-1)

Fixes Bug

  • Fixes a SQL error may happens when add a forum (2006-4-8)
  • Fixes Quotes in batch error when no post had been choosen (2006-4-2)
  • Fixes a link error in Member Panel (2006-3-30)
  • Fixes some others error.

Download: http://www.bmforum.com/down/

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